Career Services for Executive Search Consultants

If you do not advise in the top segment in executive search and have to successfully complete more than one placement per month in order to make ends meet financially, then you are exposed to a number of - also legal - requirements that cannot be fulfilled professionally without your own IT support.

  • 01 Candidate storage and categorisation, project assignment

    First of all, you need a function to publish the open positions on the internet so that you can put a link to this list of open positions on your own website. You have to offer interested people the possibility to apply online and upload their CV.

    Nowadays, in order to get +/- 5 usable profiles per position, you sometimes have to approach 50, sometimes 100, sometimes several hundred candidates. For each candidate, you need to know which project he/she is currently assigned to and whether he/she belongs to category A, B or C with regard to this specific position.

    If you want to contact the candidates at a later date for another project, it must be possible to categorise and save them in terms of place of work, candidate category, professional, sectoral and management competence so that they can be found again later using search functions.

  • Categorised candidate contacts who have agreed to the long-term storage of their data are your most valuable resource.

    Actually, you have to delete the candidate's data when a placement is completed. However, if you have an agreement with them that the data may be stored for a long period of time in order to be able to contact them later for another position, the storage is permissible.

    According to the General Data Protection Regulation, you must be able to prove at any time when and how the respective consent to data storage was given.

    You must be able to see in your candidate pool at any time who has already consented and who has not, must have the possibility to ask for consent again and if it is not given, delete the data again.

  • With 50, 100 or several hundred contacts per position, communication must be largely automated and based on text modules. Nevertheless, especially the initial contact mail must be individually tailored to the respective candidate - mass mailings are not well received.

    For each nomination/application, you need to know which stage of the process you are at with the respective candidate. You have to know which documents have already been sent, which ones you have already received, you have to be able to download these documents at any time or send them automatically.

    And when the interview process is completed, you have to be able to carry out an assessment of the candidate with regard to the requirements, create an assessment report and send it automatically to the client as a PDF document.

These masses of information are difficult to get to grips with using typical PC tools. Your IT must be able to manage tens of thousands, possibly even more than 100,000 IT, business and sales professionals and executives in a categorised form so that you can find them again. And if you violate the General Data Protection Regulation because you cannot prove that your data storage is compliant with the law, this can lead to penalties that - if you are liable with your private assets - endanger your existence.

Categorised candidate storage & workflow-supported project handling

Executive Search with RecruiterCloud

The RecruiterCloud offers you all the functions you need in your day-to-day business

  • Business partner and contact management
  • Candidate categorisation and GDPR-compliant storage
  • Project management and workflow-supported project handling
  • Publication of your open positions on the internet - possibility of online application
  • Highly automated communication with clients and candidates

The functions for categorising candidates and managing your candidate pool and the workflow support for quality-assured project processing are the most effective tools for you. You can select/identify candidates for a project according to certain criteria and assign them in a block to a position to be filled. You then start the workflow for each assigned candidate, which begins with the creation of a mail for the initial contact.

You know at any time at which point in the process you are with the respective candidate. This means that you can handle several projects with 50, 100 or more candidates in parallel at any time without losing control.

Keeping turnover and costs under control

The Business Management

If you are self-employed or run a company, you naturally need to have your turnover and costs under control, you need a business plan when you set up your business and every new year, and you need to be able to make a business analysis (BA) at any time with just one click to see where you stand economically.

RecruiterCloud also supports you with your commercial tasks.

  • Revenue management and invoicing
  • Management of costs and creation of PDF hospitality receipts
  • Preparation of a BA (business analysis)
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Preparation of a business plan

All functions are delimited per year, i.e. you can create the analyses back over the last 10 years. With one click you can see your turnover and costs, the BWA and the cash flow analysis in the respective calendar year.

Invoices and hospitality receipts are created as PDF documents.

Comply with legal requirements for document archiving

The Document Management

If you are self-employed or a company director, you are responsible for compliance with document archiving regulations. Depending on the document category, you must securely store or electronically archive documents for up to 11 years.

If you get an audit, you need to be able to provide all documents related to a business transaction without a long search. You need to archive the documents in such a way that they cannot be changed afterwards. And you need to make sure that the documents are not lost due to an IT failure, fire, etc.

The regulations are so extensive that local PC solutions are in principle out of the question. RecruiterCloud supports you in being able to comply with these legal requirements at all times.

  • Categorise documents according to relevance and content store them in the archive
  • Create a business partner file at any time with two clicks
  • Create a business case file at any time with two clicks

Documents are categorised in the Recruitercloud according to relevance and content. This way you can separate important documents that you need to archive for more than 11 years from those that need to be archived for a shorter period of time. The respective archiving period is stored in the Recruitercloud for each document category, so you don't have to worry about that.

The search functions ensure that you have all the required documents at hand at any time - for a business partner or for a transaction and with a maximum of two clicks. You can create a business partner or business transaction file with all documents at any time, but you can also limit the selection to a specific document category (e.g. all invoices or all framework agreements).

Backup copy: You can download all documents after archiving and store a backup copy in a single directory on your local computer. RecruiterCloud creates a document name during download that contains all categorisation information. This allows you to find all documents related to a business partner side by side, sorted by relevance, content, date and keywords. You have all documents in a single file system folder - there is no tedious searching in countless sub-directories.