Applicant management für HR Recruiter

Large companies that receive masses of unsolicited applications every day naturally have an extensive applicant management system that often goes so far as to electronically analyse incoming CVs from unsolicited applications. If the applicant management system determines that the requirements are not met, a rejection is automatically issued. Solutions in this category are, of course, overkill for small and medium-sized companies and in any other environment where few or no unsolicited applications are received.

Nevertheless, there is a need to manage applications and process them professionally.

  • 01 Position publication, applicant data storage and position allocation

    First of all, you need a function to publish your open positions on the internet so that you can put a link to this list of open positions on your own website. You have to offer interested people the possibility to apply online and upload their CV.

    In addition, you need a function to store the data of all other applicants who have not applied online. As a rule, you have several open positions, i.e. you have to be able to assign the applicants to the individual positions.

  • Actually, you have to delete the applicants' data when the respective position is filled. However, if you reach an agreement with the applicant that the data may be stored for a long period of time in order to be able to contact them later for another position, the storage is permissible.

    According to the General Data Protection Regulation, you must be able to prove at any time when and how the respective consent to data storage was given.

    You must be able to see in your applicant pool at any time who has already consented and who has not, must have the possibility to ask for consent again and if it is not given, delete the data again.

  • Communication with applicants must be largely automated and based on text modules.

    For each application, you have to know which step of the process you are in with the respective applicant. You have to know which documents have already been sent, which ones you have already received, and you have to be able to download these documents at any time or send them automatically.

    And when the interview process is finished, you have to be able to assess the applicant with regard to the requirements, create an assessment report and send it as a PDF document to the hiring manager in the department.

Applicant data storage & workflow-supported application processing

Applicant management with RecruiterCloud

The RecruiterCloud offers you all the functions you need in your day-to-day business

  • Publication of your list of open positions on the Internet
  • Enabling online application and uploading of the CV
  • Workflow-supported application processing
  • Creation of an assessment report for the specialist department

The workflow support for quality-assured application processing are the most effective tools for you. You then start the workflow for each assigned candidate, which begins with the creation of a mail to contact them.

You know at any point in the process where you are with each candidate. This allows you to process many appointments in parallel at any time without losing control.